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Are you tired of being burned by marketing companies that hype up their services? Are you waiting to hear “But wait, there’s more?” A lot of companies will fill their sales tactics with a ton of hype, leaving you feeling like you are watching an infomercial. Here at Krazye Marketing, a Hillsboro Digital Marketing Company, we don’t do hype! We aren’t going to fluff it up and fill it with hype. Our results speak for themselves. We have a proven track record of ranking companies and improving their sales call volume. 

When you partner with Krazye Marketing, a Digital Marketing Company, you are partnering with a company that cares. We aren’t going to give you the run-a-round. When the other guys make you feel like they don’t care, give us a call! If the other guys leave you feeling like they just handed you a quarter and told you to call someone else, call us! We are that someone who cares. We are a company that loves working with little guys. We know that America was built on the backs of hard workers and small businesses. Every major company out there today started as a small business. 

Not one company in existence opened its doors as a million-dollar company. When you put the right blocks in place from the beginning, your foundation is much stronger. When those steps are not taken properly, your site and company can be left feeling the effects, financially. For this reason, at our Hillsboro OR Digital Marketing Company, we have a system in place to not only create your online presence but to perfect your online presence to the point that you are ranking higher organically and driving traffic to your door. This traffic is money in your pocket. 

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We don’t stop there. It is one thing to get your company known and ranking on the first page. The next step becomes maintaining and making sure that you stay there. We help to get you on the first page for multiple keywords and across different avenues such as social media platforms. What is the point of working hard now to just stop when you are on the first page? That’s like working long enough to make enough money for your rent and quitting. Sure, it’s great for now, but what about the future?  Hillsboro Digital Marketing Company

Here at Krazye Marketing, we fix your past, boost your present, and your future. Joining us today will thrust your business into a new playing field. Stop giving away money. Let’s work together to put that money back into YOUR pocket.  Whether you need a website built or you have had a website for 20 years, we can help you increase your rankings. We outmaneuver other marketing agencies with constant monitoring of your results. We can track how well your site is performing. We don’t stop there. IF someone is outperforming you, we will go research why. Then we will take the necessary steps to boost your business higher in rankings. With organic Google Rankings, if you are not on the first page, you might as well be on the last! 

Sometimes, it takes someone giving a hand up to really make a difference. In these difficult times, it is hard to figure out which way is up, let alone figure out which marketing tool, or even a combination of tools to use to achieve your desired results. We started Krazye Marketing to help small businesses grow and expand. It is the small business owners that have carried America on their backs. As a marketing agency, we’d like to give back to small businesses. By choosing to partner with us for your marketing, you are choosing a proven technique that works. The techniques that we use here at our local Hillsboro OR Digital Marketing office have been tried, tested, and proven to work. We make it our mission to improve your ranking within Google and strive for the coveted map pack spot. When you choose to take advantage of the service we offer, you are choosing to work with a company that is dedicated to helping you succeed.

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Hillsboro OR Digital Marketing Services:

Content – Here at Krazye Marketing, we have an expert staff of writers to deliver the best, most well-written content for your business’ website or blog. Our Hillsboro OR content writers build your content around the most high-ranking keywords to help get your website as high on the Search Engine Results Page (SERP) as possible. We are shooting for that number one spot, just for you! 

Web DesignOur Hillsboro Website Design team at Krazye Marketing, is dedicated to helping businesses, small businesses included, reach for the stars and enjoy success. One main way we do this is by helping businesses build their website. We don’t settle for a basic website with no information; we build you the best website for your business to help drive quality traffic to your store. 

SEO ServicesOur team at Krazye Marketing is here to help you with all your business SEO (Search Engine Optimization) needs, from keywords to backlinks and citations.  In today’s online world, SEO is a critical part of website building to ensure greater success. SEO services help bring more traffic to your business’ website; not just any traffic, but quality traffic of consumers who intend to purchase your services. With our Hillsboro SEO companies services, you can boost your website’s performance and launch your business to success. 

Local Map Listing (GMB)Building out your GMB (Google My Business) is the first step to marketing. 20 years ago, the first thing you did when you opened a business was get your name out there. 20 years later, it’s the same thing. You want to get your name out there. Your Google Business Listing is the FIRST way to get your name out there for the world to find. 

Google Ads (PPC)Over 90% of searches are completed using google.  Google ads are a great way to make sure that you appear first. With that being said, if you aren’t marketing on Google, are you even marketing? Our local Hillsboro Pay Per Click services will help rank your local ads.

Lead Generation – In business, there is one main goal of advertising: Lead Generation. Leads are simply calls or inquiries that come to your business for the purpose of a sale. Here at Krazye Marketing, we offer local Hillsboro Lead Generation. Our goal is to assist you in generating those leads and getting more customers to actually finalize their purchase after the initial lead.

Hosting- We know how important hosting is to your website as well as having support for your hosting and the security of your site. That is why we offer to host for you with guaranteed monthly reports. Our Hillsboro OR Website Hosting services go beyond just Hillsboro so if you have a site that is not local we would love to talk to you. This is a new service we are providing to our customers. Call us at 480-387-8000 to learn more and get a special discount for new customers.

Site Training- A very important part of owning a website is knowing what to do with that site and being comfortable enough to navigate the site builder on your own. While we do offer training with a new website package, we understand many people already have a website and do not wish to have a new one built but would rather learn to work with their current one. We will soon be offering Hillsboro Website Training services for those people who would like to learn more about how to use their site. 

B2B – We love collaborating with other businesses and being able to help provide more value to their clientele. For this reason, we have decided to begin partnering with these companies so that they may offer more services to their clients without the hassle of an in-house team. Krazye Marketing is the B2B business you need and we are here to help you with all your website design and SEO service needs to help you succeed. 


Digital Marketing and SEO Experts

With these services, Krazye Marketing can help you build the best website for your business, get it ranking as high as possible, and drive more traffic to your business. When you choose Krazye Marketing for your website build, you are choosing a company that truly cares about you and your business. You are choosing an entire team of digital marketing and SEO experts who are dedicated to providing the best website for your business and getting it ranking so you can see your sales increase. 

Don’t wait any longer. Call Krazye Marketing today and invest in your business with our website design, content, SEO services, and more! It is time to stop sitting there dreaming about the ideal website for your business and hoping to get in that number one spot. It is time to do something about it and SEE results instead of dreaming about them. With Krazye Marketing, we can help with that. Our team is dedicated to helping you build your website to the best it can be, optimizing it to get it ranking as high as possible, and driving more traffic to your business. The time is now to launch your business into success and boost your overall profits. Call us today to get started on making your website the best in your field and ranking as high as it can. 

If you can’t call at the moment, for whatever reason, you can also email us at For a free short video of what we can do for your business, fill out the contact form with your name, contact information, website URL, and a short message. One of our dedicated team members will gladly shoot you a video comparing you to your competitor. We are excited to go with you on this journey of building and optimizing your website to help your business grow. Our team will help you shoot for the stars and boost your business to the best that it can be. Reach out to us today and get started on the journey of a lifetime for you and your business. 

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