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portland digital agenciesOur marketing agency Portland people rely on is very proud to extend our assistance for SEO-related services to our customers and their websites, but before getting started with the benefits and process that our Oregon solutions team will undergo to improve your websites’ Search Engine Optimization, we need to understand what the term holds, as well as its importance for a business.

What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization: As a method of increasing traffic to your website in an organic way, this is a strategy used to rank your website among the top results on Google without spending your money on PPC Ads on search engines.

According to resources, about 69.80% of people start their search journey on Google, and approximately 67.60% of clicks are given to the first five organic results on Google. These statistics are sharing how important it is to take advantage of SEO to optimize the ranking of your website, as SEO provides an essential aspect for websites to be marked as one of the top sites by Google or other search engines.

Following the right SEO tools, tactics, and strategies can improve your website’s ranking on Search Engine Result Pages, also known as SERPs. Moreover, your website can gain the right amount of traffic and generate a good amount of sales through keyword targeting. Since many people are currently searching for the same products or services that your brand or business is trying to offer to the marketplace, publicizing your website before these audiences can 100% increase your conversion rate and revenue is not the best approach.

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SEO Portland Oregon

Now that you know what SEO stands for and its importance for a business or brand, we can now talk about its benefits and the procedures our team delivers for direct marketing solutions Portland business people admire, which are the strategies that ensure the best results for our customers. Our experts provide the best SEO Portland Oregon people need, as we follow a procedure that adequately pertains to Search Engine Optimization:

  1. Audit of the current website to see what needs to be completed and where improvements are needed
  2. Keyword research to target the right audience
  3. Competition analysis to gather more information
  4. On-page optimization
  5. Off-page optimization
  6. Analyzing and measuring traffic and ranking for the website
  7. Taking the necessary action to improve results

So, there might be a doubt lingering in your head: what is the benefit of SEO?

Let out Portland digital agencies team list them below for you:

  1. Because of the proper keyword targeting, it targets and attracts the right customers.
  2. SEO is a cheaper option when compared to PPC (pay-per-click) Ads.
  3. Since Google rankings will increase, the brand awareness among the audience will increase too.
  4. When completed professionally, SEO will provide a good return on investment.
  5. SEO will yield long-term benefits for website owners.
  6. SEO preferably gives the website an edge over the competitor’s websites.
  7. It rewards sales and increases revenue.
  8. Engaging and networking with customers and clients becomes more accessible than ever before.

What else can be a barrier for you when considering using our Oregon solutions team? We hope you now understand how our Portland digital agencies will handle our process, and how SEO can help you and your business grow. It’s the best time to take advantage of the best direct marketing solutions Portland entrepreneurs can find. Just give us a call, and our professionals will get back to you as soon as possible to discuss your requirements so we can take action accordingly.