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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) may be a vital part of the success of a website, but you cannot begin SEO without a website. Website design is one of the most critical tools in your belt of success. Once you get to that desired top spot on the Search Engine Results Page (SERP), consumers are not going to stay on your page long enough to make a purchase if your page is not attention-grabbing and readable. 

If you have the strobe light effect on your website, you can almost bet that a potential customer will click off of your page within 2 seconds. On the other hand, if you have a very basic website that has a couple of pictures and 10 words, you’re not offering anything of value to your customers. Google has an algorithm that tracks how long people stay on your site. If people click away from your site shortly after the initial visit, google algorithms will pick up on that and Google then believes that your site is NOT worth being seen, therefore you will be lower in the rankings. Without being on the first page in organic rankings, you are giving away over 90% of all searches. 

Let’s break that down even further. Let’s say that there are 100 customers in a month that search for your specific product or service. The average customer pays $100 for a product or service. Potentially, that is $10,000. Out of that $10,000, you are GIVING AWAY over $9,000.  Over the course of 12 months, you just gave away $108,000. What could you do with $108,000? Just think about that for a moment.

When you choose to partner with Krazye Marketing, you are choosing to grow. You are choosing yourself, your family, and your business. Together, we will build your website, making it functional and appealing to the customer’s eye. The average website that is currently ranking on Google has an average of over 1800 words on its page. Part of Google’s algorithm is content. Google believes that quality content will draw the customer in and build a better online experience. For this reason, Google likes to see quality combined with quantity for each webpage.

At Krazye Marketing, we don’t want any business to have to settle for a mediocre website that isn’t driving traffic to them, not when we are here with digital marketing services for any business. As a dedicated business owner, you deserve a high-quality website for you and your business that is able to drive your sales through the roof. That is exactly what Krazye Marketing was built for, to help businesses succeed in today’s digital world. Whether you are a small business owner or you own a larger company, Krazye Marketing is here to help YOU. We believe that NO business should be left behind, no matter how big or small. We are here to help them all.

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Process of Building out Your Website

One significant way that our Hillsboro website design team here at Krazye Marketing can help you and your business succeed is with our quality website design services. Our team will take your ideas for the best website for your business and turn them into a masterpiece. When we are done with your website design and build, you will be ready to tackle all your competitors, face them head-on, and win with confidence. 

Our goal with your business’ website is for it to be the best site in your field and the highest ranking. The first few spots on the Search Engine Results Page (SERP) is our ultimate goal for your website. That is where it belongs and through creative design and eye-catching elements, we plan to get you there. We will use attention-grabbing headers and images to pull potential consumers in and keep them on your site, rather than turning to one of your competitors. Let’s focus on getting you to that top-ranking spot and get your website more views so you can get more customers ready to make a purchase. 

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The process for our Hillsboro OR website design service starts with you, the business owner, and our valued client. What do you want your business’ webpage to look like? Are there any specific colors you already had in mind? Let us know any ideas you have for your website to give us an idea of where to start with building the ideal site for YOU. Maybe you have seen a website in your internet browsing time that caught your eye, whether it was their color scheme or their font. Show us that page. Any bit of information about your business and what you like for website designs will help us build an amazing website tailored to you and your company. 

Our Hillsboro website designer’s will also take a look at the web pages of your direct competitors, specifically the ones in the top few spots on the Search Engine Results Page (SERP), to see what we can do to make your website even better than any of theirs. We want to get YOUR page into those top spots where it belongs. We know you don’t want to be giving away traffic by ranking lower in the results; we don’t want that for you either. Together, we will utilize all the tools we have to get your website looking great and ranking as high as possible to earn you the most traffic we can. 

Next in the process comes the layout and basic design of your webpage. Our Hillsboro website designer will take your desired color scheme and logo and build a site that looks professional and is attention-grabbing to help draw in more potential customers to your page. Our team will make sure to create a layout that is practical but also eye-catching for potential consumers. This is the part in the process where we will add in some images and make sections for specific parts of your content to fit them in where they work best. 

Then it is time to start on your website build. If our team has written content for you, this is the part of the process where we will strategically add that in. If you already have your own content, we will use that in precise positions on the page to ensure your page is eye-catching and engaging for your potential consumers who visit your site. We will utilize the images that were added to the layout in the last step and build the content around the images that work best with what is being said. Our goal is for consumers to be drawn in by your website and never want to leave. We want them to see your page and know their best choice is you for the services they need. We include on- site SEO in your web build so that your site is already ready to start ranking and better optimized than your competitors. 

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Finishing Touches on Your Website

When we are done with your complete website build, we want you to be 110% happy with the final result. So before we call our job complete, we let you take a look at the results. If something isn’t working in your favor, let us know and we will see what we can do to remedy the situation. This is also the stage in our process where we do some quality checks to ensure the website is ready for your consumers to access. We make sure all the clickable links on your page are functional and link to the correct page. We make sure the layout is exactly the way we planned and that all the images load appropriately. This is our time to make sure your finished project is even better than you anticipated. 

When you choose Krazye Marketing for your website build, you are choosing an entire team of digital marketing and SEO experts who are dedicated to providing the best website to your business. With us by your side, you can finally have your website exactly the way you want it. It’s time to stop sitting around dreaming about your perfect website and time to actually do something about it. Call Krazye Marketing (480-387-8000) today and take the first step towards the website you deserve for your business.